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At Famisalud Natural, you will find a variety of services for each individual with a specific health condition. 

Our evaluation is personalized.  Our patients are evaluated through a set of different methods: Bioenergetic Analysis using magnetic filters, Iridology, and the use of latest technological equipment such as the world recognized Dermatron.

Welcome to Famisalud Natural.  Our main focus is the healing process of your whole person: body, mind and spirit.  Our essence in health solution is through Holistic medicine.  Our many testimonials prove that Naturopathic methods work in the healing of your whole body.

Famisalud Natural is a Holistic Center with Alternative Therapies, dedicated to promote integral health of every person.

Our patients have found natural programs that support and complement their medical treatments.  Our Alternative Therapies are personalized for every Health Condition, assisting chronic or degenerative health issues or preventative care.